social media empowerment

Feel fantastic socializing


Gravvity empowers you to be your own social CEO


Control what you see and what you share.


Earn rewards from your social activity and creations.


Own the content you create.

Enjoy the power of your Gravvity

Mindful scrolling

You decide what appears in your feed based on your vibe. No algorithms with ulterior motives.

Be your own billboard

Opt-in to see ads and we’ll share ad profits with you.

Equal opportunity for creators

All creators, not just those with millions of followers, can earn rewards & royalties.

Own & invest in social content

Create NFTs from your social content or buy & sell NFTs in our social NFT marketplace.

As featured & promoted in

Hear from our investors

A strong vision & the team to execute it!

This is bold & diverse team, tackling a big problem in a massive industry. If there was a team to do it, it's Gravvity.

Katherine J

This will solve the biggest issue of our time!

No more exploiting people's data & attention. Gravvity's putting us at the centre of their universe.

Martin D

Finally a team that is giving power back to the people!

Gravvity's giving power to the people with a completely reimagined social experience.

William H

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