Third party licenses

Last updated: May 28, 2021

AWS SDK for PHP (aws/aws-sdk-php) - Apache-2.0 License
Used for generating pre signed url-s for media upload and managing media files on AWS S3 bucket.

Ratchet (cboden/ratchet) - MIT Licence
Used for websocket server - managing websocket connections.

Package Versions (composer/package-versions-deprecated) - MIT Licence
Composer addon to efficiently get installed packages' version numbers.

Doctrine Annotations (doctrine/annotations) - MIT Licence
Docblock Annotations Parser library. Used for managing entities.

Doctrine Bundle (doctrine/doctrine-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony Bundle for Doctrine ORM and DBAL.

Doctrine Migrations Bundle (doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony integration for the doctrine/migrations library.

Doctrine ORM (doctrine/orm) - MIT Licence
Doctrine Object Relational Mapper used mostly for mapping database rows to PHP Objects.

Firebase SDK Bundle (kreait/firebase-bundle) - MIT Licence
A Symfony Bundle for the Firebase PHP Admin SDK. Used for sending notifications to mobile devices.

NelmioApiDocBundle (nelmio/api-doc-bundle) - MIT Licence
Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations.

Instagram PHP Scraper (raiym/instagram-php-scraper) - MIT Licence
Used for scrapping Instagram account information, photos, videos, stories…

Ramsey UUID (ramsey/uuid) - MIT Licence
A PHP library for generating universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

Ramsey UUID Doctrine (ramsey/uuid-doctrine) - MIT Licence
Allow the use of a ramsey/uuid UUID as Doctrine field type.

React/ZMQ (react/zmq) - MIT LicenceZeroMQ bindings for ReactPHP.
Used for communication from Symfony to websocket.

SensioFrameworkExtraBundle (sensio/framework-extra-bundle) - MIT Licence
An extension to Symfony FrameworkBundle that adds annotation configuration for Controller classes

Symfony Asset (symfony/asset) - MIT Licence
The Asset component manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.

Symfony console (symfony/console) - MIT Licence
The Console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces.

Symfony Dotenv (symfony/dotenv) - MIT Licence
Symfony Dotenv parses .env files to make environment variables stored in them accessible via getenv(), $_ENV, or $_SERVER.

Symfony Flex (symfony/flex) - MIT Licence
Composer plugin for Symfony.

Symfony Form (symfony/form) - MIT Licence
Used for managing forms in application.

Symfony Framework (symfony/framework-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony framework.

Symfony Lock (symfony/lock) - MIT Licence
Creates and manages locks, a mechanism to provide exclusive access to a shared resource.

Symfony Messenger (symfony/messenger) - MIT Licence
Used for queuing jobs from websocket.

Symfony Monolog (symfony/monolog-bundle) - MIT Licence
Provides integration of the Monolog library into the Symfony framework..

Symfony Rate Limiter (symfony/rate-limiter) - MIT Licence
Used for rate limiting input and output.

Symfony Redis Messenger (symfony/redis-messenger) - MIT Licence
Provides Redis integration for Symfony Messenger.

Symfony Security Bundle (symfony/security-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony security component.

Symfony Sendgrid Mailer (symfony/sendgrid-mailer) - MIT Licence
Provides Sendgrid integration for Symfony Mailer.

Symfony Translation (symfony/translation) - MIT Licence
Symfony translation component.

Symfony Twig (symfony/twig-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony Twig Bundle.

Symfony Twilio Notifier (symfony/twilio-notifier) - MIT Licence
Provides Twilio integration for Symfony Notifier. Used for sending SMS messages to users.

Symfony Validator (symfony/validator) - MIT Licence
Symfony Validator component.

Symfony Yaml (symfony/yaml) - MIT Licence
Used for manipulating Yaml files.

Symfony Browser Kit (symfony/browser-kit) - MIT Licence
The BrowserKit component simulates the behavior of a web browser. Used for integration tests.

Symfony CSS Selector (symfony/css-selector) - MIT Licence
The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions. Used for testing.

Symfony Maker Bundle (symfony/maker-bundle) - MIT Licence
The MakerBundle is used for generating the common code in a Symfony app: commands, controllers, form classes, event subscribers...

Symfony PHPUnit Bridge (symfony/phpunit-bridge) - MIT Licence
Symfony PHPUnit Bridge. Used when testing.

Twig (twig/twig) - MIT Licence
Template language.

Doctrine Test Bundle (dama/doctrine-test-bundle) - MIT Licence
Symfony bundle that isolates app's doctrine database tests and improves the test performance. Used in testing.

Doctrine Fixtures (doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle) - MIT Licence
Used for loading fixture data during development and testing.

Phing (phing/phing) - LGPL-3.0 Licence
PHP project build system - used for deployment and other common tasks.

PHPUnit (phpunit/phpunit) - Licence
The PHP Unit Testing framework.