Three Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Social Media Apps& How Gravvity Can Help You Through It

Wake up. Scroll. Get out of bed. Scroll. Make breakfast. Scroll. Are you seeing a pattern?

The truth is, most of us have a deep-seated desire to escape our over-consuming social media habits (or have yet to admit that we have over-consuming social media habits). 

When we spend the majority of our days on social media mindlessly scrolling instead of building authentic relationships and connections, staying engaged in real-life becomes increasingly difficult and basically a chore. 

Whether it’s a social media application or relationship, a negative effect on our daily lives is a clear sign to call it quits.
But don’t worry. Like a breakup, there are coping mechanisms that can help.
Keep reading to find out three reasons why you should break up with your current social media habits and how Gravvity can help you through it (songs linked in subheadings to also help).

1. Live your Life, without social validation.

The validation social media users seek is an ongoing problem that continues to worsen with time. The number of likes and comments each person receives has become a social currency that subconsciously affects the user’s self-esteem.

Lauren Sherman, a researcher in the brain mapping center and the UCLA branch of the  states, “When they [teenage social media users] saw a photo with more likes, they were significantly more likely to like it themselves. Teens react differently to information when they believe it has been endorsed by many or few of their peers, even if these peers are strangers”.

The social validation users seek through social media platforms has a psychological effect on how they perceive not only themselves but society in general whether they are aware of it happening or not.

2. Be Real.

Social media profiles are often highlight reels of a person’s life, creating an unrealistic perception and expectations for viewers. For many, social media content is carefully curated to fit a certain aesthetic or message. 
In a study conducted by , millennials were known to experience FOMO (the fear of missing out) nearly 69% more than any other generation due to social media. With current algorithms in place, everyday users are exposed to a variety of content regardless if they subscribe or follow that account and the effects are long-lasting.

How can Gravvity help?

Gravvity eliminates the feeling of having to live up to unrealistic expectations by giving control back to users. 
Gravvity users are able to customize and curate their social feeds. By connecting social media platforms to the Gravvity application, users have full control over the exact content that appears on their feed. Users are able to add or remove specific profiles, allowing them to focus on content that is important to them without any sponsored content or ads in the mix. When friends or family make an update to their social media platform, Gravvity users will be alerted and can seamlessly see the posts within the same interface. Gravity reduces FOMO through its user-centred design by highlighting the profiles and content you want to see and filtering out the rest.

3. Break free from unlimited scroll

We’ve all been there. How many times have you found yourself scrolling through the bottomless pit of social media content for hours on end? It’s an addictive property of social media and it keeps its users entertained. 
Adam Alter, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business says, “The scrolling doesn’t draw us in, but it keeps us there for much longer than we might be if the feeds ended. When users scroll through social media platforms for hours at a time, they are constantly seeking new content instead of critically thinking about what is being shown.

How can Gravvity help?

Gravvity offers users a healthier approach to engaging with social media platforms by eliminating the endless scroll dilemma. The Gravvity feed shows content to users in chronological order and is strategically designed to eliminate advertisements and spam. Through this level of control, users looking to stay connected are able to reach the bottom of their feed, leaving more time for real engagement and authentic connections.

Final Thoughts.

Social media has undoubtedly become a huge part of most of our daily lives. The reality is, many parts of society rely on and revolve around social media which will not change anytime soon. 

However, like relationships, you can end unhealthy habits and start fresh. 

Gravvity is that fresh start. Giving control back to the user to eliminate social validation features, authenticity through customization options and bringing a stop to the endless scroll are just a few of the ways Gravvity promotes a healthier relationship and lifestyle for social media users. 

Whether it’s a social media application or relationship, the choice is yours, and Gravvity is here to help.

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